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Our range of backdrops for photo booth hire is designed to provide a wide variety of options for every event. We have a variety of options such as solid colour backdrops and patterned backdrops. Our backdrops are made to be durable and easy to set up, ensuring that the photo booth experience is seamless and enjoyable for all guests. 

Whether it's a corporate event, a wedding, or a birthday party, we have the perfect backdrop to make your photos pop!


01 blank space

Didn't anybody tell you this was an All White Party?! It's clear to see you can't go wrong with our 'Blank Space' back drop! Be your own artist and paint the perfect picture.


02 white gold geo

Gold Gold Gold!!! Glorious Gold! Who doesn't love a splash of Gold? Party it up with our 'White Gold Geo' back drop. Be bright, be brilliant, be golden!


03 white grey geo

Mr Grey will see you now... You can have all the fun in the world with this perfect back drop. A pop of colour or a shade a grey, you can mix and match all sorts here. 


04 white curtain

Soft and sultry with a hint of passion. We would recommend 'White Curtain' to be perfect for your Engagement party or Wedding day.


05 terrazzo

Move over marble there's a new sheriff in town. Dance your heart out with our fun 'Terrazzo'. You wouldn't want to miss a beat!


06 gatsby baby

Eleganza Extravaganza! Our latest back drop to date, we welcome you to the Greatest Show! Be the talk of town and throw the party of the year. 


07 green goddess

Come play with us on the island and let's float away. Our vibey 'Green Goddess' is perfect for day light and night time. Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take ya!


08 knock on wood

To be young and in love, picture yourself situated on a roof top balcony covered in fairy lights, bottomless champers and the best company. 


09 cotton candy

Oh my goodnes gracious, I could just roll you in a ball and eat you up. How gorgeous is 'Cotton Candy'? So sweet and so tasty.

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